Russia is Going Down

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UPDATE (04.12.2007). Final results: United Russia (leader: Boris Gryzlov, pro-Putin): 64,1%. Communist Party of Russia (leader: Gennady Zyuganov): 11,6%. Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (ultranationalist, leader: Vladimir Zhirinovsky): 8,2%. A Fair Russia (Mothers/Pensioners/Life) (leader: Sergei Mironov, pro-Putin): 7,8% (Source: BBC)

Observers’ voice: Sunday’s election „was not fair and failed to meet many OSCE and Council of Europe commitments and standards for democratic elections”, the observers said at a news conference in Moscow. The statement said the polls „took place in an atmosphere which seriously limited political competition” and that „there was not a level political playing field”. The OSCE had abandoned its plans to send a big team of observers, accusing Moscow of imposing curbs and delaying visas (source: BBC)

So: 71,9% of Russians voted for Putin, 11,6% voted for the Communists, while 8,2% voted for the far right. In other words, 91,7% of Russian people is sleeping. As we all know, „The sleep of reason creates monsters”… Here’s one of them:


I am deeply shocked, and I am still wondering (as always) what is happening with Russia. The pools show that tomorrow, in the parliamentary elections, “United Russia” (Putin’s party) will win something like 65% of the votes, the Communist Party 15%, the Liberal Democratic Party 8%, and “A Fair Russia” approximative 6% (note that the last two parties are also pro-Kremlin). The treshold for entering the Russian Parliament is 7%. If we sum up, it seems that almost 94% of Russians vote for a non-democratic party (for the Communist Party, or for one of Vladimir Putin’s parties).

And if you are not frightened by the idea of 86% of the Russian people voting for non-democratic parties (voting, that is, against democracy as such), think that almost all Russian young people really love their President while, at the same time, they openly reject all democratic and liberal values: the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of the press! They also seem not to be bothered by the extended corruption, or by Putin’s practices of arresting opposition’s leaders, or of killing journalists and former intelligence officers. They want Vladimir Putin: their President, their Father, their Czar – indeed, their Hero!

Putin probably became a hero both because of his opposition to almost any idea put forth in the international politics by Western countries, and because of his ability to turn European leaders against each other every time they try to reach a decision. And Russians really like to see Putin in action. He’s like Rambo. And Russians are like that poor boy from the ghetto that didn’t eat anything today, because he kept his money to see Rambo in action. This is all he needs: seeing Rambo killing bastards makes him forget his hunger, makes his frustrations disappear. He will be like Rambo, one day.

So it seems that the only idea Russians have in their minds right now is that Americans and Europeans are bad and they must be slaughtered like pigs. If this is accomplished, then Mother Russia will become a rich country and will rule the world; moreover, there will be no more poor people, corruption will come to an end, the Russian Mafia will suddenly die, milk will flow instead of water in Russian rivers, and the Black Sea will be full of honey. They will fight for this. First, by sending Putin’s puppies in the Parliament. Then, by losing their lives – if their President will ask them to.

As far as I can see, the second Cold War is about to begin. Unfortunately, we don’t have the world leaders powerful and wise enough to stop this. Vladimir Putin is not Mikhail Gorbachev, and George W. Bush is far away from his father. So may God help us.

Written by Andrei Stavilă

decembrie 1, 2007 la 6:15 pm

Publicat în Politica internaţională

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