Gender Fundamentalism as Genuine Hate – part I

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Today, after attending a class offered by the Gender Department at CEU, I was talking with a Hungarian colleague (a women, or „female” – to use the appropriate terminology) about the car accident she was involved in two weeks ago. I knew about her accident – but now she was explaining to me, in details, how it happened. At the end of her story, she told me that her car fell into pieces. Being a little curios, I asked her what kind of car she had (my curiosity is explainable, because me and Alina just bought a car few months ago, and we had many discussions with many of our friends – men, as well as women – about what kind of car should we buy).

A Serbian colleague (a PhD „male” student in the Gender Department), who was listening to our discussion, replied quiqly: „Well, of course, that’s all what a male can ask after hearing such a story: ‘what type of car do you have?’…”. I looked into his eyes and I was frightened: believe it or not, I saw HATE.

Well… I am neither a mysoginist, nor a homofobic person. I have some friends in the Gender Department. Moreover, one of the best „female” friends of mine (Alina Vamanu) graduated Gender Department at CEU. But none of these people is so fundamentalist, or BRAINWASHED…

I am still wondering why. I mean… come on, guys, if we see all things around us through some kind of stupid gendered-glasses, nothing good can come out of this…

Written by Andrei Stavilă

Decembrie 4, 2007 la 4:21 pm

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