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I finally added some pdf-articles in the „Articles in Romanian Newspapers” page. Unfortunately, the following articles are written only in Romanian. I wrote them in 2004, while I was a journalist in my hometown. Some of them happen to be very close to my heart, so please don’t be too agressive with my (literary?) style…

Written by Andrei Stavilă

ianuarie 21, 2008 la 11:40 pm

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  1. I wouldn’t ask why you are forcing me to write in English when I can very well write to you in Rumanian, but I am having a log time understanding why aren’t you making two blogs, one in Rumanian and another one in English. I think that the Rumanian readers are a little disturbed by your long English texts, and your English writers are a little bit disturbed by your long Romanian texts, which they obviously can not understand. So make up your mind. And another complain, please write about some easy subjects that I can enjoy at a morning cup of cafe…
    PS: please forgive my rusty English…


    ianuarie 22, 2008 at 8:01 pm

  2. Raluca, you don’t have to write in English. No matter what the language of a specific post, people have the right to reply in what language they wish – I will try to understand them. Well, of course, please do noy use Japanese or Hungarian 🙂
    Why am I not making two blogs?
    First: I am sometimes occupied enough, sometimes lazy enough, in order to support two different blogs.
    Second: I think I have so few readers, that two blogs would mean that I went crazy and I really think that I am such a popular person 🙂
    Ok, I will try to write enjoyable-at-a-morning-cup-of-„cafe” posts… But I DO think that you are a little unfair to me:
    a) when you say that I write long posts. As you can see, my last 10 posts or so are not that long at all
    b) when you say that they are not easy… if you would have time to read at least one of my „philosophical” posts, you will see that political philosophy is not Hegel 🙂 Moreover, some of them contain links to funny things, or grave existential problems…
    Love you!,


    februarie 5, 2008 at 12:23 pm

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