Kosovo and the Romanian Foreign Policy

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(Romanian Translation: Kosovo si Politica Externa a Romaniei)


This picture is taken from here. I propose you to see that man as being the USA, who is pissing in / on the International Jurisprudence’s car…

Romanian politicians did yesterday another stupid thing (no news, indeed). The Romanian President, Traian Basescu, and the Romanian Parliament jointly declared that Romania will NEVER recognize Kosovo as an independent state. Oh, really? And after 200 years, say, when every state will recognize Kosovo, and probably Kosovo will enter the European Union, what will Romania do then?

The problem with Kosovo is not that simple. We have to take into account at least three variables:

1) the right of this region, with some 90 % Albanian ethnics, to independence and self-government

2) the international jurisprudence contained in the UN Chart, the Helsinki Treaty, the UN’s 1244 Resolution, and many other treatises, according to which in Europe national frontiers cannot be changed, unless both sides (the specific country and the region that seeks independence) agree with this secession

3) the future of the European Union

In what concerns (1) I don’t have much to say. Indeed, I think Kosovo has the right to self-government. The same thing holds for Nagorno-Karabah, Transnistria, Abhazia and South-Osetia, even for HARGHITA AND COVASNA. The reason for this is the following. At least in what concerns the future of Europe (so this is an answer to point 3), I DO believe that the only borders European Union will know in the future will be cultural, and not national-defined. Moreover, in the EU, administratively speaking, the future belongs to regionsnot to countries! So probably in the future we will talk about administrative regions like Moldavia, Transilvania, Harghita-Covasna, Kosovo, etc. – AND about the Romanian Culture (which is not reduced to Romanian regions!), the Serbian culture, the Albanese culture, AND about only one citizenship: the European citizenship. So I would really like to see my fellow Romanians kicking the “nationalist” bucket. But this is a very weak hope, to be sure. Romanians are generally proud to be nationalists – and sometimes stupid.

In what concerns (2), this time I have to say that USA, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey and all the other countries that are so readily to recognize the new independent state Kosovo make me really sick. So for them, international jurisprudence is SHIT. And they SPIT on this shit any time they wish. Especially the Americans showed us yesterday that they don’t give a damn on international laws – anyway, they are the ones who make international laws, so they can violate them every-single-hour of every-single-bloody-day, right? I think that the UN countries should have discussed first the international laws, their existence, the possibility and the desirability of changing them – and only then they would have been right to accept the independence of Kosovo. But the way they behaved yesterday showed that the domain of international jurisprudence is something like no man’s land – or even worse: the “Wild West”, where the most powerful do whatever he wants…

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  1. kosovo is build on a very weak and not so moral foundation, all who suport this so caled state in my opinion are a buch of ignorants who accept as status kwo , what some stupid politicians from u.s. decided ,document yourself more, wach `Stolen Kosovo` documentary is made by chech television and it has an more idependent perspective.


    septembrie 30, 2010 at 6:51 am

  2. @ whirlwind
    The problem when we talk about others’ ignorance and stupidity is that we don’t see first our own limitations.
    I would urge you to read about nationalism and cosmopolitanism, about ethnic preference in politics and discrimination, about the right of a people to self-governance, and so on. Only AFTERWARD we can talk about ignorance.
    And I would also urge you never to make statements without supporting them with arguments. It is easy to say that a state is build on a weak moral foundation (whatever that means) or that watching a simple movie means ‘documentation’, or that a movie is ‘independent’… where are the arguments?


    septembrie 30, 2010 at 8:06 am

  3. After the UCK killed serbs in Kosovo, of course there are „90% albanians” only.
    GO in, commit genocide – play victim – idiots from the west come – profit!

    You know what UCK were?
    Islamic fighters, they weren’t fighting for „Albania” or for „free Kosovo” – are you kidding? They were fighting for creating a stepping stone for islam in Europe.
    Look at UK , look at France, look at Germany.
    Multiculturalism my ass – your so called „Europe of regions”.Your so called „Europe culturally defined”.
    Riots, violence, rape and killing.
    They don’t mix in society and they know it.
    The west is BLIND and so are you.
    Kosovo is just the begging – you have opened the Pandora’s box.


    noiembrie 7, 2010 at 9:50 pm

  4. Sadly enough, what you say about Muslims is unsurprisingly identical with what Italians say about Romanians, for example. That is: violence, rape, killing, non-integration, etc. I am tired of universal, all-encompassing judgments. It is not true about Romanians ‘in general’ and it is definitely not true about Muslims ‘in general’.


    noiembrie 8, 2010 at 8:13 am

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