Self-improvement / Loc de dat cu capul (va rog sa cititi in romana ceva mai jos)

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In English:

Motto: “When someone praises me, I am frightened: what if he finds out that I’m not that good as he thinks I am? When someone harshly criticizes me, I have no worry: I’m not that bad as he thinks I am” (Constantin Noica, The Philosophical Diary)

Now here’s some interactive game.

I really don’t think that I’m perfect (surprise, surprise…). Moreover: I do think that sometimes my self-esteem prevents me to see my imperfections, faults, and shortcomings. But I do believe in self-development and self-improvement (moral, or otherwise). And I also do think that those who know or only read me have something important to say in this regard.

So here’s the deal. I invite (and kindly ask) you to participate in my project of self-improvement 🙂 So please write what, according to your opinion, my imperfections, faults, and shortcomings are. Please take into account all that can be envisaged: my person, my beliefs, the way I write, and so on. I created a special page for this – just check the sidebar (under “Pages”, click “14. Self-improvement / Loc de dat cu capul”). If you like, you may make anonymous comments, or sign with a nick-name. I promise that I will not feel offended, and I will not grow angry 🙂 I also promise that I will not delete any comment (unless you submit one full of curses), and that I will take seriously into account every suggestion.

Your contribution is highly appreciated (I hope that everyone who cares about me – even if only a bit – will write something here). So be as harsh as you want to be!

In Romanian:

Motto: “Cind cineva ma lauda, sint ingrijorat: daca isi da seama ca nu sint atit de bun pe cit ma crede el? Cind cineva ma critica, sint linistit: nu sint chiar atit de slab pe cit crede” (Constantin Noica, Jurnal Filosofic)

Iata un joc interactiv.

Sincer nu cred ca sint perfect (surprinzator, nu?). Mai mult: sincer cred ca uneori buna mea parere despre mine ma impiedica sa imi vad greselile si imperfectiunile. Dar cred sincer in dezvoltarea sinelui si in imbunatatirea lui – morala in primul rind. Si cred de asemenea ca persoanele care ma cunosc, dar si cele care doar ma citesc, pot avea un important cuvint de spus in aceasta privinta.

Deci iata care-i chestiunea. Va rog sa participati in proiectul meu de a deveni… mai bun. Va rog sa scrieti care anume, in opinia voastra, sint defectele si greselile mele. Va rog sa scrieti despre tot ceea ce se poate scrie: despre persoana mea, despre ideile mele, despre modul in care scriu, si asa mai departe. Am creat o pagina speciala pentru asta – uitati-va in coloana din dreapta, la “Pages”, si apasati pe “14. Self-improvement / Loc de dat cu capul”. Daca doriti, puteti face comentarii anonime, sau va puteti semna cu un pseudonim. Promit ca nu ma voi simti jignit si nu ma voi supara 🙂 Promit de asemenea ca nu voi sterge nici un comentariu (cu exceptia celor pline de injuraturi), si ca voi lua in serios fiecare sugestie.

Contributia voastra este foarte apreciata (sper ca toata lumea care tine la mine cit-de-cit va scrie aici). Deci fiti cit de duri doriti!

Written by Andrei Stavilă

martie 14, 2008 la 5:45 pm

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