George Klosko and the Murphy’s Law

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One of Murphy’s laws says that if something good happens to you, you shouldn’t worry: it will pass soon.

This happened today with professor George Klosko’s class, “Origins of the Social Contract” (Central European University). But this was not only a class. It was a real Lesson, given by a magnificent Professor (and a wonderful Person!). And I enjoyed every moment of it.

Seven weeks were not enough. Not for me. But hey, I’m a Romanian, right? I am supposed to be used to see “the little light at the other end of the tunnel” – and then to lose it. I’m getting too emotional, so I would better stop here.


From left to right: Elena (Political Science, PhD – Russia), Manuel (International Relations, PhD – Romania), me, professor George Klosko (Department of Politics, University of Virginia, USA), Orsi (Philosophy, PhD – Hungary), Urska (Philosophy, Phd – Slovenia) and Dorota (Political Science, PhD – Poland). Two other colleagues of us were not here: Rastislav (Philosophy, PhD – Serbia) and Hakan (Philosophy, PhD – Turkey)

Written by Andrei Stavilă

octombrie 29, 2008 la 9:28 pm

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