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Philosophy Conference in Bled

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This year, the subject of the conference was „Social and Political Philosophy„. It started on Tuesday, June 3rd – and the last day was Friday, June 6th. So 4 days full od talks, from 09:00 to 17:00 (four talks per day, except Wednesday – when there were five talks, mine being the last – brrrr!!!).

The conference was extraordinary – really! I had the honor to meet and discuss with Thomas Christiano, Igor Primoratz, and Luc Bovens – and I also enjoyed the talks of Jules Coleman and Alistair Norcross. I was glad to find out that the Slovenian and Croatian moral and political philosophers are very good indeed (I especially liked the talks of Friderick Klampfer, Neven Petrovic, and Elvio Baccarini). I want to thank Tom Christiano and Luc Bovens for our wonderful discussions, which were very enriching to me.

It was my first conference and my first talk. Although I was the only speaker that was only a PhD student (all the other speakers were professors), I think it was ok (except the fact that my talk was the last that day, peopole were very tired – and I was tired and stressed, so I had to read the talk from the paper!). Anyway, the point is that I started to love conferences: you can meet wonderful people, hear extraordinary talks, and see beautiful places. I want more!!!!

In what concerns the town – well, Bled (Slovenia) is a turistic place, so it is very expensive (even more expensive than, for example, some German towns). It is a small city, you can see all the important things in only one day, or even less: the lake, the castle, the island with its church. The problem was that the weather was nasty: it rained the whole week, almost continuously…

Some pictures:

You can see more pictures from Bled here. Read about Bled here and here. The conference’s site is here.

Noutati din Bled, Slovenia

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Am plecat ieri din Budapesta in jur de 11 dimineata si am ajuns in Bled (Slovenia) la 21:30 – desi drumul trebuia sa dureze doar sase ore. Asta pentru ca:

1. La granita Ungariei cu Croatia doua tiruri s’au ciocnit, si am asteptat in soarele puternic doua ore pina toata coloana de citiva kilometri buni s’a pus in miscare.

2. GPS-ul meu are toate hartile Europei (inclusiv Muntenegru, Bosnia-Herz., Cetatea Vaticanului sau Andorra), insa singura harta care ii lipseste este cea a…. Sloveniei! A trebuit sa ma ghidey dupa harta si m-am ratacit de doua ori. Nu mult, si totusi..

Daca treceti prin Slovenia si aveti GPS cu harta ei, ocoliti autostrazile, fratilor, nu faceti ca mine. E jaf la drumul mare, adica cam un euro la fiecare 10 km parcursi…

Asa ca va salut din superbul orasel de munte Bled (cu munti inalti, lac mare cu apa super curata si un castel in virf de stinca), unde absolut toata lumea vorbeste engleza, franceza sau germana, si unde oamenii sint tot timpul draguti.

Nu cred ca voi mai scrie ceva pina cind ma intorc in Budapesta (simbata seara), asa ca nu va suparati daca nu raspund mesajelor.

Written by Andrei Stavilă

iunie 3, 2008 at 6:57 pm

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