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Dogs don’t think, do they?

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Cam de pe la Descartes incoace, ne-am obisnuit (noi, modernii) sa credem ca un animal e o masinarie automata fara suflet. Intr-un limbaj mai apropiat epocii noastre (behaviourism, carevasazica) un animal e tot un automat, de data asta bazat pe instincte si pe mecanismul stimul-raspuns. A spus-o Pavlov: aprinzi lumina, saliveaza ciinele! Intre Descartes si Pavlov si-a itit capul si Immanuel Kant, dupa care animalele nu pot face parte din imperiul moral – nici ca subiecte, nici ca obiecte ale atitudinii etice.

Geaba a incercat un Konrad Lorenz sa explice ca, evolutionist vorbind, e aburd sa crezi ca sentimentul moral a aparut asa, nitam-nisam in om; etologia comparata exact asta arata, ca atitudinea morala este dezvoltata in grade diferite in toata lumea animala, gasindu-si punctul maxim in fiinta umana.  Geaba sustine si Stanley Coren ca inteligenta (gindirea rationala) este si ea distribuita gradual pe scara evolutiei! Inca mai continuam sa credem, cu o ciudata atitudine religioasa fata de noi insine, ca sintem foarte deosebiti de restul luimii vii. Si ca sintem superiori, bineinteles.

Iata si versiunea video completa a filmuletului de mai sus  (cititi povestea si apoi scroll down pina la video). Discutam dupa aia.

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UPDATE (17 martie 2011)

Si o dovada de loialitate fata de un prieten ranit in tsunami-ul din Japonia:

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septembrie 2, 2010 at 7:18 am

What dog are you?

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Just click this link, then click „game” (on the left side of the screen) and answer the questions! Strange enough, I seem to be a Saluki… If you take the test, please don’t forget to write here what dog are you!


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noiembrie 14, 2008 at 1:53 am

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Just another story about our best friend

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Let me start the new year with this story. In short, it is just one of those many (real) tales where a human being’s life is saved by a dog.

Oh, and just en passant: why is it considered that the darwinist theory can be applied only to physical characteristics? What if not only the brain, but also intelligence, abstract thinking, and other related stuff are „darwinistically” developed? What if a dolphin, an ape, a horse or a dog are really thinking (even if in a lesser degree than humans?). My guess is that, if this is right, then we have a big ethical problem…

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ianuarie 11, 2008 at 11:11 pm

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