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Freedom of Expression in Romania: Not Bad, Indeed!

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My friend Marian Coman is editor-in-chief of the „Obiectiv” newspaper in Braila, Romania. He was accused of defamation and libel by a businessman (which is in the same time a member of the liberal party!). The public prosecutor decided that she will not press charges. She wrote: „the journalist enjoys the freedom of expression, which includes not only the information and ideas that public opinion welcomes or treats with indifference, or considers as being inoffensive, but also those that offense, shock or disturb. These are the requirements of pluralism, tolerance and of an open mind, without which there can be no democratic society”.

Sometimes I become optimist and I start to think that we are on the right way.

Written by Andrei Stavilă

februarie 23, 2008 at 10:44 am