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Olga (24 octombrie 2002 – 21 ianuarie 2011)

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In fotografie: Olga (Chaitan Legend Chow Charisma) (Budapesta, 2007)

Avea doar 8 ani si trei luni. Si a murit ‘multumita’ modului in care auto-intitulata ‘cea mai mare canisa de chow din Romania’ intelege sa interpreteze sintagma ‘selectia si ameliorarea rasei’. Din nefericire, a lua un ciine de la o canisa nu te scuteste de bolile genetice. (boli pe care nici medicii din trei tari – Romania, Ungaria si Franta – nu au reusit sa le vindece). Pentru ca in Romania proprietarii caniselor sint interesati in primul rind de bani.

Somn usor, fetito. Acum nu mai doare.

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ianuarie 21, 2011 at 8:40 pm

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Helga and Olga: Chow-Chow Fashion Week

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Well, just look here (don’t blame me, it’s by courtesy of Alina!). Just an example:

J. R. Ewing

Anna Karenina

And another strange thing, discovered on the Internet: a chow with… identity problems. Do you believe this? Is this Chow, or Panda? Or maybe a Panda-painted Chow… Probably the owners are really crazy 🙂

[Copyright note: the above picture (panda-chow) is taken from here. You can also find it on google images here]

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aprilie 15, 2008 at 10:20 pm

Olga: ghiciti personajul

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Va rog sa giciti care este Olga dintre urmatoarele variante (click pe poze pentru a le mari):

1. Care e Olga si care e porcul?

2. Care e Olga si care e urangutanul?

3. Care e Olga si care e Shar-Pei?

4. Care e Olga, care e hipopotam?

[Copyright: the two pictures with the orangutans are taken from here and from here. The pictures of different Shar-Peis are taken from here. The other pictures are mine. The animals (except Olga, the orangutans and Shar Peis) live in the Budapest Zoo]

Written by Andrei Stavilă

aprilie 5, 2008 at 11:09 pm