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Rainbow Over The Danube – Bratislava Pride Parade 2010

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As promised, I’m back with updates. To preface this, I’ll say that this is just a participant’s point of view from the crowd, without much context. From this position, I’ll start by speaking against The Slovak Spectator that hurriedly and conveniently announced on May 22 that the Bratislava Pride Parade was cancelled due to neo-Nazis attacks. Indeed, there were neo-Nazis, but considerably less well prepared than the ones that pride parade has been facing in Budapest, in the last few years. The march took place, the first pride parade in Bratislava happened, and I’m confident to say that it was successful. A young generation of LGBTQI activists managed the event well, despite the vocal and aggressive anti-marches that usually accompany pride parades in this region. However, part of the media coverage (to the extent that I could read/hear it) declared just like The Slovak Spectator that the event was cancelled due to violent opposition. In Romanian press, see for instance the article published by Hotnews, on May 23, or the one in Adevarul, published the same day. Usually, such articles prove the lack of professionalism of (Romanian) journalism that can be easily charged with sensationalism, as we all know it well. Therefore, take out some fifty percent of all the violence that is emphasized in this type of articles, and read more sources. How it happened and what’s written about it are really seventeen different stories. Here‘s a short one.

The pride march was scheduled to start at 2 pm. This didn’t go according to the plan because of the anti-marchers. The three hours of waiting, while listening to bands in a square, were certainly a bit tense, and especially the thought that the march might be cancelled was worrisome. But the march only got postponed until 5 pm, with a change of route and that’s when I finally got an idea of how many people had gathered in the old Bratislava – I would say almost a thousand participants. The climax of the pride march was when we started crossing the Danube. At that point, I realized that the crowd was so large that we couldn’t all be on the bridge at the same time. The bridge was full of flags, from one end to the other and the anti-marchers were outnumbered to a ridiculous extent. This was one of the most beautiful and powerful images of Bratislava Pride Parade of 2010. We turned the bridge into a rainbow.

[Photo by boisanfray]

For more pictures of the Bratislava Pride Parade 2010, check this black and white photo stream. The best video that I could find is posted here.

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mai 24, 2010 at 3:24 pm

Rainbow PRIDE Bratislava

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The first Pride Parade in Bratislava will take place this week-end, on the 22nd of May. It is organized by the NGO Queer Leaders Forum, informal group Queers and platform of other young Slovak activists. More information here and updates will follow!

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mai 19, 2010 at 9:07 pm

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