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Hip-hop-ul crestin despre evolutionism. Dedicatie lui Stefan si George :)

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Tocmai am aflat ca nu se numeste hip-hop crestin, ci hip-hop spiritual 🙂

Plus doua bonus-uri. Primul, un fel de manea religioasa.

Al doilea bonus, un fel de Cenaclul Flacara fara Paunescu!

Written by Andrei Stavilă

septembrie 18, 2008 at 10:00 pm


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I succeeded to present my paper at the Bled Conference only because many people helped me a lot. I want to thank Sinzi for her help with getting the travel fund. Urska also helped me with information about Slovenia, about Bled, hostels and roads (her help was very important, giving the fact that I had to drive without a GPS). My example regarding the quarrel between evolutionism and creationism owns a lot to the debate I had on this blog with my friends Stefan and George. I am especially grateful to my friend Iulian, who helped me a lot by making many remarks regarding my ideas (he also corrected the English text). Finally, my special gratitude to Alina, who (despite the fact that she herself had to take many exams) understood me and helped me with all those little things without which no one could create anything. I know that my performance was not that good as they hoped, but I promise that in the future I will do better. Thanks, guys!

Written by Andrei Stavilă

iunie 11, 2008 at 10:32 pm